You are now in our stress free zone! The ultimate escape.

This amazing little island is the ultimate relaxing escape - the true ‘escape to the edge’.

At first glance, a simple little crofting community almost suspended in a time warp, but in reality, a close, vibrant, developing one - full of life and more involved in the 21st Century than many towns on the mainland.

Old Scots Song 
" The boat leaves Oban every day,
Passing Tobermory on the way,
Onwards to the lovely Isle of Coll,
To Tiree, the most beautiful of all............... "

The name Tiree is probably most familiar as it is heard daily on the UK shipping forecast. The island's weather station gives exact meteorological reports. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, its climate is mild.

Tiree, 10 miles long and 4 miles wide in parts, is home to some 800-900 people, and a wonderful escape. West of the Isle of Mull and just south of neighbouring Coll, and one of the sunniest places in Britain thanks to its exposed location on the Atlantic Ocean. Windy too - which is why its waves and white sandy beaches are popular with windsurfers. Every October the island hosts a world championship windsurfing event - The Tiree Wave Classic.

Beautiful empty white sandy beaches and dunes. Endless varieties of wild flower displaying a carpet of colour in the Spring and Summer. Great diversity in the bird life..

The main township is where we are - at Scarinish, where the ferry arrives. There is a supermarket, bank, post office, gift shop/cafe, garage and police station.

Archaeological remains and crannogs. And 'The Ringing Stone', so named because of the metallic sound it makes if you hit it, features over 50 Bronze Age cup marks and probably dates back to the Ice Age. 

The interesting little 9-hole golf course at Vaul is situated two miles from Scarinish- the fenced greens are a challenge as are the sheep “obstructions”! 

Quite superb walks and gentle cycling opportunities.

Pony trekking is available by arrangement.