Things to do and see on the Isle of Tiree

This amazing little island is the ultimate relaxing escape - the true ‘escape to the edge’.

One of the Inner Hebridean islands, Tiree is twenty-two miles west of the nearest point on the Scottish mainland, Ardnamurchan The island is just over 10 miles long, 5 miles at its widest point with a 46 milelong, coastline walk. The island is very flat. Its name means ‘the land of corn’ but it has been described variously as ‘a raised beach’ and ‘the land below the waves’. Enjoying a mild climate, it has some of the highest levels of sunshine recorded anywhere in the British Isles. It benefits from the moderating influence of the Gulf Stream ensuring that frost is rare and evenings in mid-summer are warm and balmy. For our visitors,  Tiree presents a remarlable stress-free environment very much in keeping with the relaxed way of life enjoyed throughout the Island.

As a result, and especially in the months April - October,  the Isle of Tiree attracts a high number of tourists who come to the island for a great many reasons: - 

  • Tiree is without doubt a most tranquil setting for those who just want peace and quiet within a natural setting.
  • The island boasts a number of sandy beaches which are brilliant white and with few trees there are uninterrupted views towards the islands of Rhum, Skye, Jura and North Uist. This coupled with the reputation as being one of the sunniest places in the UK gives Tiree an enchanted atmosphere.
  • The Iron Age crannogs and brochs on the island provide an insight into the island’s rich history as does the Viking and Gaelic heritage.
  • Music, song and poetry have been long associated with Tiree and this draws considerable interest from visitors. Visit the Tiree Music Festival website.
  • For bird-watchers Tiree offers a variety of habitats to observe a vast array of birds including ducks, geese, swans, gulls, terns, lapwings, snipe and the elusive corncrake to name but a few. The flora and fauna of the Islands are well documented and the island is a magnet for naturalists.
  • Tiree has a varied history and many of its previous inhabitants left to forge new lives in the ‘new world’ which has left a legacy for many genealogists to discover their family history on the island.
  • Tiree has a strong reputation for being one of the most popular windsurfing resorts in the UK and attracts a great many enthusiasts each year.
  • The island also affords those wishing to enjoy walking a varied number of routes.


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